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Even though parts of north Texas are achieving herd immunity, efforts are underway to encourage parents to allow their school-aged children aged 12 and over to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before school begins. school.

With many school districts returning to school on August 16, the window to be fully immunized before school starts is closing.

It is recommended that these students receive their first dose of vaccine by July 12.

“The information is available and the vaccine is safe. There’s no reason not to get it, ”Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said. “The Delta variants that exist are pretty scary. We want to protect our children from variants and protect ourselves from these variants. There is no reason to wait. Get vaccinated as soon as you can.

Jenkins’ 15-year-old daughter Madeleine received the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as she was added to the eligibility group. She says she now feels safe to go back to school.

“If I wasn’t vaccinated I probably wouldn’t feel safe around so many people because I would be afraid of getting COVID or giving it to people around me,” she said. “Since I’m vaccinated and most of my friends are, I feel like I can get out.

County health officials say Dallas County has been granted herd immunity to the COVID-19 virus. Achieving herd immunity in Dallas County meant that 80% of the population had either been vaccinated against the virus or had already been infected with the virus and therefore had antibodies to prevent further infection.

“Although we’ve achieved herd immunity, a lot of it comes from sick people,” Jenkins said. “That immunity wears off after two or three months, so in order for us to maintain herd immunity, we have to keep vaccinating people.”

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