Russian doctors refuse to vaccinate people living with HIV – NGO


Russian doctors are refusing to vaccinate people living with HIV against the coronavirus despite data showing it is safe for people with compromised immunity, a Russian AIDS NGO said on Tuesday.

Thirty of 700 people living with HIV at a Moscow AIDS prevention and control center were denied Covid-19 vaccination by a single doctor in June, according to estimates by the nonprofit director of AIDS. Center, Sergei Abdurakhmanov.

The AIDS.Center has called on the Russian Ministry of Health to order hospitals, clinics and vaccination centers not to refuse people with HIV.

“With the novel coronavirus pandemic, AIDS.Center is recording cases of discrimination against people with HIV during vaccination,” the association said in its letter to the Ministry of Health posted on its website.

“The practice of withholding immunizations from people with HIV directly contradicts medical recommendations and, more than anything, the interests of patients. “

Health experts told the RBC news website that HIV is not a contraindication – or a health problem or other characteristic that would make it unsafe for patients to take a drug – To Covid-19 vaccines.

AIDS prevention experts cited by RBC have suggested that “uneducated” doctors grant medical exemptions from Covid-19 vaccination on the basis of HIV infection.

People living with HIV are more vulnerable to infectious diseases and should be vaccinated as a priority, said Alexander Mazus, the Department of Health’s chief expert on HIV, following the letter from AIDS.Center.

The World Health Organization says vaccines currently recommended by the WHO are safe for people living with HIV. The WHO has yet to approve any of Russia’s vaccines against Covid-19.

It is estimated that nearly 1.2 million people are living with HIV in Russia.

Russia’s vaccination campaign has stalled below 20% of the population amid widespread skepticism and despite mandatory vaccination aimed at curbing an increase in new Covid-19 infections and deaths in recent weeks.

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