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The huge increase in the number of online shoppers brought on by the pandemic has been accompanied by a significant increase in the number of online sellers who now depend on existing online platforms and tools to sell their products and compete with manufacturers and existing wholesalers. However, Globe Business knows that the next step towards success for many micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the supply chain industry is the integration of modern digital technology into their operations so that they can gain a foothold, expand their market and accelerate their growth.

Globe Business is poised to deliver digital solutions designed for business to support Filipino businesses, empowering retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers to ride the wave of opportunities, present and future. In addition, Globe Business also provides a host of other services that help the supply chain run smoothly.

Retailers who partner with Globe Business can access Amber, a web-based platform

which allows them to send SMS broadcasts to lists of targeted recipients. This makes automated text-based campaigns easy and quick to engage, and helps them reach more customers and engage with more customers. Globe Business can also help retailers build e-commerce websites with professional-grade web design and development, dedicated site management and support, and the analytics and consultations that come with their site service. Managed web.

Manufacturers will also benefit from various Globe Business products such as Konsulta ®. Konsulta MD enables manufacturers to provide their staff with access to healthcare services such as telemedicine, electronic prescriptions, electronic lab requests, and electronic medical certificates, all at a more affordable cost to the business compared to to an internal clinic or to health cards. Another Globe Business product is Cloud Payroll, which helps manufacturers easily manage employee information, automate their payroll and reporting, efficiently manage hours and attendance, and administer benefits and reports.

Manufacturers will also appreciate the video surveillance managed by Globe Business, which gives them real-time monitoring of their business premises. With worry-free setup and maintenance of industrial grade CCTV equipment, they also have access to Globe’s vast network of system integrators or reliable partners with 24/7 support.

Globe Business also offers Vehicle Tracker, a delivery tracking and monitoring solution that enables logistics providers to accurately visualize the condition and location of vehicles using the Google Maps platform. This secures goods, deters theft / diversion and maximizes manpower through efficient daily planning.

Benefits of being a Globe Business Partner

Globe Business engaged several business partners who each came up with new offerings to help support the digital development of MSMEs who partner with them to use Globe Business products and solutions. Ninja Van, a logistics company specializing in parcel collection or door-to-door delivery, will offer MSMEs 15% off their provincial packs, an all-in-one fixed-price pouch. Lazada, one of the leading ecommerce platforms, will provide over a million PHP in support like product photography, store design, and product downloads, in addition to the usual seller support. 1Export, whose mission is to help companies export their products to exciting new markets, will offer exclusive mentoring sessions on exporting, waiving their MSME consultation fees and offering 15% off their service charge. And Zalora, the one-stop online destination for everything hot in the Philippines, will provide dedicated onboarding and account support, waive their fees (production and MSF), and lower their commission rates.

The fight can be tough for many Filipino MSMEs in the supply chain industry, but Globe Business believes there are many opportunities that can arise from these defining moments as well. And with the multitude of products and services available through Globe Business, many MSMEs can already seize the many opportunities of tomorrow today.



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