certain relief measures only for vaccinated people?


Major events could again be possible in Germany as early as August. A corresponding project was discussed Tuesday by the heads of state and chancelleries of the Senate. This was announced by Berlin as the current president of the Conference of Presiding Ministers. He should be ready in time for the start of the Bundesliga season in August. Despite all the concerns about the Delta variant, the States then wish to once again authorize major sporting events with up to 25,000 spectators.

25,000 people tested, vaccinated and cured must have access to the stadium with a personalized ticket. The new regulations have yet to be transposed into the respective national legislation. Bavaria has a special limit of 20,000 spectators. Also for cultural events, depending on state regulations and with an appropriate hygiene and contact tracing concept, events “with more than 5,000 people present at the same time” should again be possible. An upper limit has not yet been specified. The new regulations are initially planned from August until September 11.

In German labs, almost half of all Corona results examined are now due to the delta variant. This was announced by the Association of Accredited Laboratories in Medicine (ALM) on Tuesday, July 6. According to the report, the delta proportion in data collection for the week ending July 4 was 47%. The association called the increase “in line with expectations”. The ALM figures are roughly in line with the RKI assessment last week. Expect, he said, that the delta variant “accounts for at least half of all new infections,” the RKI wrote, referring to the week ending July 4. Updated data from the RKI is expected Wednesday evening.

Baden-Württemberg wants to consider tougher measures against so-called vaccination absentees – people who fail to show up for an agreed Corona vaccination appointment and also do not cancel it. “It is not united and irresponsible towards those who want to be vaccinated,” Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) declared in Stuttgart on Tuesday.

The effort to create the legal basis for a sanction is gigantic, he said. The federal government should take care of it. However, Kretschmann said the state government would review whether those absent from vaccination were required to pay compensation for costs incurred – particularly if the vaccine were to be destroyed.

Kretschmann, like global medical chief Montgomery, questioned whether collective immunity could be achieved given the spread of the delta variant. Therefore, he said, it is important that everyone gets vaccinated. “Otherwise, we won’t be able to stop the pandemic at all,” Kretschmann said. “Vaccination is the only tool we have to bring the pandemic to its knees.” The tests do not necessarily completely replace the Corona vaccination, according to the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg. The results of antigenic tests would be more uncertain with the Delta variant. “This is where everyone has to take into account that if they are not vaccinated, they simply will not be able to take advantage of certain facilities.” Kretschmann said this is currently under review.

Collective immunity against the coronavirus is “not achievable in the short term”. This is what the president of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, told Funke media on July 6. The proportion of vaccinated and cured is expected to be around 85%, according to new calculation models, Montgomery said. the life of them will get immunity through disease, ”explained the head of the World Medical Association. It will happen, he said, “if we abandon all precautions.”

The key to success against the virus is to maximize vaccine coverage, Montgomery said. To do this, he said, vaccine skeptics need to be convinced and incentives need to be put in place to get more people vaccinated. “But I don’t think we can completely remove the mask.” The German Society for Immunology, on the other hand, assumes that herd immunity cannot be achieved without vaccinating children and adolescents. This said their vice president Reinhold Förster, also Funke newspapers on Tuesday. For the moment, the Standing Committee on Immunization (Stiko) has not issued a general recommendation for vaccination for children over 12 years old. The national 7-day incidence of new Corona infections again declined slightly. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), it is currently 4.9. Sunday and Monday the value was reported at 5.0, Saturday at 4.9. 440 new Corona infections were recorded within 24 hours, as well as 31 virus-related deaths. However, the proportion of infections with the delta variant has doubled again to now 37%, according to preliminary figures from the third week of June.

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