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The most important issue for individuals who want to keep their accumulated money by keeping their value thanks to the interest rate is the interest rates given by banks to deposits.

If the depositor gives more interest rates than the other institutions, the bank can obtain more returns with the same maturity number. Therefore, in deposits deposited to the same maturity, the account holders of the bank with a high interest rate will earn more.

For this reason, for those who want to analyze the deposit rates offered by banks in detail, we have examined and listed the banks with the highest interest rates of TL 30,000.

30 thousand TL monthly how much interest brings?

30 thousand TL monthly how much interest brings?

Let’s look at the answer to the question of how much interest brings 30000 TL monthly. Below are the interest rates and details of some banks’ futures accounts. Monthly interest income of 30 thousand TL may change from time to time. This change is due to the global and local economy.

Good Finance Account Interest Rates

Since the time deposit account type is one of the most profitable money types of today, you can earn a return by depositing your 30.000 TL savings to the Good Finance account. So, how much can this income be?

Good Lender Calculator Interest Rates

Good Lender Calculator Interest Rates

When you want to deposit your savings, Odeabank earns interest by looking at the amount of your money according to the current market conditions. 19 percent interest rate is applied to the deposits between 4.000-50.000 TL.

Honest Bank Free Account Interest Rates


If you don’t want your accumulated money to lose value by standing on the side with the logic of the time deposit account operation, you can open Honest Bank Free and protect your savings at your current interest rates.

Since this interest rate is the acquaintance interest of the bank for 3 months, you can continue to earn with the current interest rate applied by Akbank to deposit accounts at the end of this period.

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