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There are more and more people seeking personal loans, and this is what Good Finance Bank has shared with. No wonder, because nowadays sitting in front of the computer, customers of the bank can apply for a loan with just a few clicks: online personal loan appeared on the Hungarian market just one year ago.
Looking for traditional loans? Curious about what the market has to offer? Compare the loans with the Good Finance personal loan calculator and find the one that suits your purpose!

Digitally demanding credit is above expectations, according to the bank, even though the downturn experienced earlier on personal loans has not been reversed due to the summer cucumber season, though we believe this is due to very high borrowing and low interest rates.

Do you have a bad credit history? Our bad credit no credit loans are designed for you 

As we have already discussed in more detail, bad credit no credit loan through online can be a good solution for starting school costs, and you should not leave your home for this loan. Currently, the bank estimates that more than 5 percent of total disbursements are made through online contracting customers.

This is when the extra costs of starting the school year, what kind of teaching equipment and computer will be needed, and families will get new desks and other furniture. As a personal loan is a freely usable and easily accessible product, it can be a good solution for families. ”

Here’s how to get your Good Finance online personal loan


The whole process is done online, including personal information and credit evaluation. It may take a few minutes for the contract to be concluded, after which the money can also arrive in minutes. Good Finance has told Good Finance that it can take 40 minutes on average to read through everything thoroughly.

In order to use an online personal loan, you must have a steady income from your bank and an internet banking contract. This way, you can sign a contract from home, even in their armchair. And, of course, a 40-minute loan sounds good, but we encourage you to think about borrowing well: look at what’s in your family budget and what you can pay off month by month. To help you make the right decision, we’ve summarized the characteristics of personal loans in a 10-minute article, so you can still apply within one hour and even have the right knowledge.

Need a higher amount?

Not sure that a personal loan is the best option? Use Good Finance’s free loan calculators to find the best home loan, debt settlement, or free use loan!

Can you borrow a home? You can choose from the best mortgages even if you borrow $ 5 million: for a 10-year term, Good Finance Home Loan can be yours with a APR of less than 4 percent, so the repayment starts at $ 49,373 with variable interest rates. Bank’s Equatorial Loan is even cheaper, with a APR of 2.85 percent and a repayment of HUF 49,491 with a six-month interest rate. If you need a higher amount, you can claim up to $ 20 million in net income over $ 250,000 by transferring it to Goodbank Bank.

The Goodbank Certified Consumer Friendly Home Loan is available for a 20-year term with a 3.40 percent APR and a $ 114,456 upfront installment.

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