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Honest bank is a relative newcomer in the financial sector. It is a bank that wants to do things differently than the established order and has set itself the goal of putting the customer back in the center. Of course, it is more often claimed in this sector to do things differently, but in the four years that Honest has existed now, this bank seems to actually make it happen and put it into practice. Banking at Honest does not mean that you are banking with “a little player”.

Part of Lender

Part of Lender

Honest is part of Lender and therefore has a large, reliable and sound financial group. An additional advantage is that Honest also falls under the deposit guarantee scheme, so that you can also safely store your savings with this bank (up to 100,000 euros).

Online banking at Honest is surprising

Online banking at Honest is surprising

They seem like two opposites, personal and internet. However, online banking at Honest lets you experience that these two can indeed go together. Because online banking is a requirement if you want to bank at Honest. This bank has no physical offices that you can visit. Online banking at Honest is therefore well designed and you will notice this immediately when you want to open an account.

Request easily


No difficult identification procedures and lengthy questionnaires, no, none of them. The bank that wants to do it differently does this really differently and within five minutes you have opened an account. It does not matter whether you are a private or business customer. Honest further surprises you by offering unsolicited tips and advice. Tips that are not necessarily only for Honest itself, but especially for you. After all, you are the customer they put first?

Convenience serves people

And once you have opened that Honest account, then online banking at Honest is a breeze. To log in via a PC or laptop you need a card reader that you will receive by mail at home. Of course Honest also has an app. This is easy to download via Google Play and the App store. Once logged in, you can easily manage your accounts, transfer funds, transfer amounts that have been debited via direct debit and (re) request pass and pin codes. In addition, you can easily open an additional payment or savings account through online banking at Honest.

Changes via e-mail

Your email will keep you informed of important changes, such as a change in interest rates. These messages are also prepared for you in the messages inbox of your internet banking.

Future expectation

Future expectations regarding online banking at Honest? Honest is a bank that thinks ahead and tries to be a step ahead of the future. More and more online options will be unlocked in the future. And all this with the aim of making online banking easier and more accessible for you. And all this in a way that is really different!



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