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You need money and would you like a loan, but you do not have a bank account? Then a non-bank cash home loan could be a good solution for you. It is a cash loan without consulting the register and without liability, as well as without the need to prove the amount of earnings and, for some creditors, even without collateral. Cash home loan is especially advantageous for clients who for some reason cannot use the bank account. Either because they have an account blocked or seized due to execution, or simply because they have no account. A cash loan removes these problems by bringing the money to your home.

Due to below-average wages, which more than half of the workers get every month, most Czech households have a normal situation when money runs out a week before the paycheck. If you have to pay urgent expenses and therefore have to borrow a small amount of money quickly, a non-bank cash home loan is a well-known and very popular way to borrow cash efficiently and particularly safely without delay.

How can I get a non-bank cash home loan?

How can I get a non-bank cash home loan?

With a wide range of cash loans available to everyone. Unemployed, maternal and retired mothers will also be successful during the approval process. Non-bank lenders usually do not look for bad registry entries and no offensive administrative paperwork is required. There is no risk of wasting your time in the branches and everybody has the opportunity to get money. The loan processing is very fast and the loan amount will bring the representative of the lender to your home almost without waiting. You can pay anything with a cash loan. There is no need to prove the purpose for which you need money, so you can use the loan to pay, for example, for living room furniture, common daily expenses, or make loved ones happy and provide them with a gift.

What are the disadvantages of cash loans?

What are the disadvantages of cash loans?

A minor disadvantage of cash loans from non-banking entities may be that it is not easy to know the products of all companies and their contractual provisions. Despite the fact that not all non-banking companies act honestly. Also, the interest rate is usually slightly higher. We should pay particular attention to unreliable lenders who provide loans under a lot of unfair terms for borrowers. Insidiousness is sometimes hidden in the contract so inconspicuously that you don’t even know you signed a very unfair contract.

But how do you know if the loan is fair or not?


In most cases, shredders can be distinguished by asking the applicant for some type of fee in advance, or by persuading the client to call a phone number with an overpriced tariff, for example for “certificate verification”. But the victim does not receive the money, on the contrary, he is forced to spend a large amount for the phone bill. It is best not to reflect on such offers at all and to choose as honest lender as possible.

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